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Commercial, Branded Content, and Corporate Production Sound

We captured the roundtable dialogue for Amazon in this clip. They discuss the importance of hiring the best team.


When you invest years and time into building your brand, you can’t afford to risk it all on subpar sound. Audiences are far more forgiving on visuals. Poor sound quality can irreparably damage your brand's image.

Matt Damon recommends you “hire a bunch of ninjas” to ensure your project has the best chance to tell your story.

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Speaker, Sound, on, Mobile

Listen to our work

Every video above was recorded by our commercial sound ninjas. We have handheld mics, mic cubes to display your brand, and specialized custom kits for recording interviews and step-and-repeat media walls.

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Exclusive Benefits for our clients

RF Coordination

FCC part 74 license holder with access to protected & priority frequencies.

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Clean Background

Bondable, no criminal record, and clear background check. Reduce your liability on set. We have worked with congressmen, law enforcement, and state governments.

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Rainbow Sound Waves
Rainbow Sound Waves

Audio backup on lavs

Patented backup recordings on transmitters. Don’t risk losing that perfect take, important line, or story moment even if the talent is out of range or if the main recorder/mixer misses it. Think of this as your sound insurance. Have peace of mind knowing you have a redundant backup of your audio.

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Commercial General Liability Insurance

Secure Your Projects with Confidence: Our General Liability Insurance covers accidental injuries, property damage, and specific legal liabilities. We prioritize your safety and smooth project progression, offering worry-free collaboration with industry-leading coverage.

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Exceptional Sound for Exceptional Brands

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What services do you provide?

Location Sound Services. Also known as Production Sound, we capture primarily the dialogue on set and preserve the talent’s performance and authentic story the first time because sometimes there are no second takes.

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What do you specialize in?

We specialize specifically in commercial and branded content. This includes advertising, interviews, press junkets, corporate videos, and TV.

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Boutique sound for Premiere Talent and Top-Tier Professionals

We provide special care for celebrities, politicians, VIP and executives. We have the experience, set etiquette, and patience to work with talent that have special requirements, custom riders, or need extra care or discretion.

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